Let’s do this!

Last week I had a sudden surge of creativity, and I did something I’ve been meaning to do for some time: I filmed a vlog. So, I now have a blog, a YouTube channel and a strange desire to get them both going.  All I need is another day or two in the week….preferably a day or two of weekend!

In some ways, my finally facing my fears (see my earlier post on creativity) and getting round to filming a vlog seems to have marked the start of some kind of transitionary period.  I suddenly had the urge to go through all my old things that I’ve stored up and hidden away in drawers and on shelves and start throwing things away.

I found old photos, letters, postcards…a print out of a slightly embarrassing MSN Messenger conversation that I had intended to give to my best friend, but that apparently never made it out of my house – and other things of actual sentimental value that will go back into my drawers and filed away until the next time I feel like going back into the good bits of my past.  I also found lots of junk.  Bad memories that I’d hidden away, things linked to places I wasn’t so fond of, and clearing them out was surprisingly cathartic.

It took me hours to just go through a small amount of space, and there’s so much more to do, but it feels so liberating to have some empty space in my room ready to be filled with new memories, new ideas and new projects.

That was all unexpectedly cheesy….

So – to the new projects.  I’ve set myself a few goals for the next year (?) – some are personal (and definitely not ones to go up on the internet for all and sundry to read!).  Others are…still personal, but slightly more shareable.

And so, in an attempt to actually make myself get up and DO these damn things, here they are:

  • Learn a little bit more about photography (and maybe get a better camera…)
  • Re-learn German. And learn some Greek.
  • Get back into creating music and ACTUALLY SHARE IT WITH PEOPLE!
  • Build this blog into something slightly more coherent and structured
  • Sort out the jumble of wires that’s at my feet. Seriously, those microphone cables won’t untangle themselves…..
If you’ve read this far…get back to what you’re supposed to be doing and stop procrastinating. And until next time, when I’ll write a slightly less rambly post…here’s my first attempt at a vlog.

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Creativity is hard

Creativity is hard.

There are so many things to get caught up on, to trip yourself up with and to use as an excuse to just hide behind Netflix and ignore the bit of your brain that’s trying desperately to kick into gear. I know this because it’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past 2 and a half years.

I left university (well, music college) with an undergraduate degree in 2012 after 4 years studying composition – that is writing and creating music. Rewind to 2007 and I was a fresh-faced, enthusiastic 18 year old starting off on what I thought was going to be a journey towards writing film music and eventually seeing my name on The Big Screen. But skip forwards again to 2012, and I’d become somewhat dissolutioned with the idea.

I’ve spent the last two years essentially fighting with my own thoughts, with what seems like one half of my head saying “go on, do something creative, you know you want to….” whilst the other half sits there asking “Why? Who’s going to care?”. And so, before this turns into some great sob story, to the present. I’ve decided to say a big, resounding  “f*** it!!” to the reasons why not to start being creative again, because what better answer is there to “why” than “why not?!”

I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the most amazingly creative and motivated people I’ve ever met in the last year or so, and as far as I can tell they all upload, blog and post because…well, why not?

Creativity is hard. But if it was easy it wouldn’t be anything special, would it?