Emotion dump // music.

Ooh, brace yourself. I think this is my most personal (and long-winded) post yet. I used to channel my emotions and feelings into music. Something bothering me? Turn it into a tune. Something making me angry? Take it out on the piano. Feeling sad? Write it into some harmonies. Play some Debussy. Improvise something. This was … Continue reading Emotion dump // music.

I miss CDs!

Last night I somehow found myself on a 'nostalgia spiral'.  I found myself staring at my old CDs that have been sitting on my shelves and in drawers gathering dust for the last few years. https://instagram.com/p/vHa1OZobyC Amidst all the memories that listening to old music brings with it, I realised how much I miss buying … Continue reading I miss CDs!