A weekend in Paris

Some holidays are meant for sightseeing, but last weekend was all about seeing friends and just switching off from the outside world for a little bit.  Myself, Izzy and Cat have been friends for a good 6 years or so, but amazingly the three of us have never all been in the same place at the same time – until last weekend, that is!

We may have stayed in the most basic of hostels, but oh how we made up for the money we saved on our room with our trips to Sephora, the Disney Store and many a café or bistro.

Three idiots in the tiniest of lifts.

Top pick of the weekend was The Tea Caddy – a tiny little tea shop that has firmly cemented itself as my-favourite-place-to-go-and-drink-tea-that-I’ll-never-be-able-to-visit-because-it’s-in-bloody-Paris.  It had a tea menu to rival YumChaa’s, and an aubergine and parmesan tart that was to die for. Seriously. I have had dreams about that tart.


To offset the carbs on carbs that seemed to take over our diets for the weekend (I mean, can you imagine ordering bread and jam with a croissant for breakfast in London!?), we walked. And walked. And then walked a bit more, just for good measure…

Took this before I noticed the “No Photos” sign. Oops?

I also discovered my new favourite bookshop – Shakespeare And Company (seriously, I need to stop discovering favourite places in Paris. It’s going to become a problem…) – and yes, I did snap a picture before I realised there were no photos signs everywhere. Not pictured: the gorgeously cosy reading rooms with old style typewriters upstairs, and the ridiculously cramped, seemingly endless shelves full of books.


All things considered, we didn’t do anything particularly touristy – other than the obligatory trip to see the Eiffel Tower by night, and a walk along by the Seine. I didn’t fall in love with Paris in the same way I did with Copenhagen, that’s for sure – but I’d like to revisit properly and do the tourist thing a little more.  But you know what? I’ll make do with a weekend of laughter and just walking around with my friends, because something that’s just what life needs.


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