I’m writing this from my seat on a flight to Copenhagen just as we are preparing for take off. It’s that “turn your flight safe mode on” time – and the start of an hour and a half of enforced disconnection from the outside world. And this always gets me thinking of how peaceful it can be to just disconnect yourself from everyone turn off your wifi, your 4G…the whole lot.

We live in a world where we’re constantly online; updating Instagram needs Twitter, looking at old friends’ Facebook timelines and living vicariously through others. But sometimes it’s nice to get a bit of peace and quiet. When I was in Italy, I ran ou of data and was totally reliant on wifi at hotels to check in and update my social media- and it ended up being more for myself so I could remember what was where than anything else. I began to enjoy the fact that I couldn’t check Twitter every hour, or flick through Instagram to see who had posted something new since the last time I checked.

Don’t get me wrong – I love social media – it can be so useful. I’ve spent time browsing travel hashtags on Twitter for inspiration for my next trips (hell, it’s the main reason I’m on this flight!) and I’ve even given some great tips, but now I think it’s time to switch off for a bit.

I want to try and navigate my way round the old fashioned way – clutching a map and some hastily scribbled directions. I want to wander round the streets of the city, and follow my (questionable) sense of direction to my next cup of coffee, or back to my hostel. I want to walk round without google maps talking in my ear telling me to head south west as I curse it and try to work out which way it means.


Obviously, as I post this, I’m connected to some wifi in the lobby of my hostel, and yes – I’ve posted some photos along the way from fleeting moments in cafes. But you know what? I’ve been here for 30 hours, and I’m already wondering how much longer after this holiday I can keep my 4G switched off, and just enjoy my surroundings…

Until next time,

L x


4 thoughts on “Disconnecting

  1. Great poset I love being disconnected when we are away just feels as if my brain is allowed to be switch off too.I am so addicted to my blog and reading posts from all over the world… Switching off is just what I need 3 weeks to go… Great post


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