Enjoying the gym?!

It’s been a while since I posted an update about my attempt to go sugar free, so I thought it was about time!  I still haven’t bought a bar of chocolate for myself, which I’m feeling very positive about.  Other sweet things…well, that hasn’t gone quite as well, but I’m working on that! I don’t think I’ll ever completely cut out sugar – it’s just too restrictive for me, but I do want to cut out the majority of it.

I have made a few positive changes.  I’ve finally found a gym routine that suits me – I now have a weekend membership in a gym local to where I live, and I’ve found a love for taking my time with my workout. I’ve even started to enjoy using the weights, ooh-er.  There’s no huge difference on the scales yet, but I’m ok with that- I would rather increase my fitness and lose the weight slowly than have a sudden dramatic weight loss that I can’t keep up.

My next goal is to give up the bag of sweets that seems to constantly live in my desk drawer.  In the last week I’ve been logging all my meals in myfitnesspal, and every time I add another sweet onto my day’s tally, I feel just that little bit guilty. I know that it would be so much better if that entry was something more substantial with an equal number of calories, and it’s just so shocking to see how those extra little bits add up!

What are your tips for keeping yourself motivated?

L x


One thought on “Enjoying the gym?!

  1. I force myself to go to the fitness center 3-4 times per week. It’s supposed to be 4 times per week, but sometimes I can only go 3. Because I’m retired, I can really go any day or any time, but I find setting a “schedule” for myself works best. I typically go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, as soon as I get up. “As soon as I get up” can mean different times–as early as 8, as late as 10! And then I try to go either Saturday or Sunday.
    I don’t “enjoy” working out, but I force myself to go.
    This seems to work for me.


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