Mini Sephora haul/review

Uhoh, I’m straying into beauty posts….

I recently went to Italy (blog post about that coming soon!) and stumbled across an old favourite of mine – Sephora.  They closed all their UK branches a fair few years ago (booooo!) and I haven’t been in one since! I managed not to spend too much, but here’s what I did pick up while I was there…

Instant Refreshing Toner*

I’m a bit obsessed with the smell of this, and it seems to be keeping my skin bright, whilst getting the last bits off my makeup. I was a bit disappointed to find the bottle I bought came without a little spray, which was replaced by a slightly impractical pump, but hey – the stuff’s good! Plus, it’s parabens free. What more could I want?

Star rating: ****

Smart liner

I am rubbish at doing my eyeliner, but the shape of this makes it much easier to get an even line. Plus, it stays on for most of the day!Top marks, Sephora!

Star rating: *****

Nano Eyeliner in 08 – Iced Brown

My least favourite purchase – I love the colour of it when it’s on, and it does seem to last but it just doesn’t go on smoothly or easily, making it harder to get an even line on both eyes.  I haven’t tried blending it out yet though, so perhaps that will improve things!

Star rating: ***

Contour Eye Pencil 12h Wear in 31 – Purple Stilettos

From my least favourite to my favourite – this went on really smoothly, and the colour is bright as a bold line and blends out nicely for a more subtle, smoky effect. Unfortunately I managed to drop this one, so the pencil itself is broken inside, but it’s working for now!

Star rating: *****

Oil Infusion Color & Care in 04 – Tangerine Fizz

A very close second favourite is this lip gloss – it’s a little bit gloopy, so I’ve only been using a tiny bit each time, but it’s a lovely orangey colour which is perfect for my skin tone at this time of year. I also love the test tube shaped bottle it comes in (which is the main reason why I bought it, if I’m honest!)

Star rating: ****

I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Sephora to make a return to the UK.  One day….

Until next time!

L x

*This toner seems to have vanished from Sephora’s website…here’s hoping it hasn’t been discontinued!


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