On regrets.

The thing about life is that with every passing day, week, month and year, you can accumulate knowledge and experiences that pave the way to where you end up next. The only problem is the people you meet and the things you see can easily lead you to wondering if could have turned out a different way.

7 and a half years ago (urk), I followed my heart to music college. At the time it was exactly what I wanted to do, but a few years later, that couldn’t have been further from the truth. And now, the further I get into the blogosphere and the….vlogosphere (!?), the more I wish I had started this when I was 18. But who’s to say that if I’d done that then, I would be where I am now? For all I know, I could have tens of thousands of hits or followers…or I could have decided that it wasn’t for me.

I always used to say I had no regrets – for a while that changed. But recently I’ve come full circle and realised that my 18 year old self was right all along.

Regrets are pointless – all they do is hold us back. It’s far better, and far more enjoyable to live in the moment. It’s never “too late” – we’re never “too old” to try something different or learn something new.

So, next time you think “I should have done this a year ago” then follow that up with “…but better late than never.”


4 thoughts on “On regrets.

  1. Aah thanks so much, that is the nicest comment! I haven’t quite figured out what this blog is yet, so for now it’s my brain dump for anyone who wants to read it! ❤


  2. “Regrets are pointless – all they do is hold us back.” Gosh, I wish I could remember that when I’m awake at 3 a.m. wishing I had done something differently.
    Thanks for this post!


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